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Liverpool v Hull City
15:00 -GMT Sat 25th October 2014
Premier League
Daniel Munthe Agger (Danish: [danjəl ˈɑɡ̊ʌ]; born 12 December 1984) is a Danish footballer who plays as a Defender for Danish club Brøndby IF and captains the Denmark national team. Agger has been described as "a fine reader of the game, comfortable on the ball and blessed with a ferocious shot."[4] He started his senior career with Brøndby in July 2004, winning the Danish Superliga and the Danish Cup, before moving to Liverpool in January 2006. He made 175 Premier League appearances for the club and won the League Cup and Community Shield. Agger returned to Brøndby for personal reasons in August 2014. A full international since 2005, Agger has earned over 60 caps and played for Denmark at the 2010 FIFA World Cup and UEFA Euro 2012. On 30 August 2014, Liverpool confirmed that Agger had rejoined his previous club Brøndby IF on a two-year deal, which involved a considerable pay cut, for a fee of £3 million


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  1. 12/5 0:33 Kat_Agger5: Pictures of Jamie & Mason at the lap of honor today posted :)
  2. 8/5 21:14 Kat_Agger5: Happy 5th Birthday Jamie :wub:
  3. 7/4 20:06 OjosMágicos: Your welcome hope you like it here :)
  4. 7/4 2:44 Aggerita: thanks
  5. 6/4 19:44 OjosMágicos: Hey welcome to the forum :)
  6. 6/4 3:10 Aggerita: hi!
  7. 13/11 19:10 OjosMágicos: Daniel has made an official Facebook page like it if you haven't already https://www.facebook.com/aggerofficial?fref=ts
  8. 18/10 14:35 OjosMágicos: Won't be online for two weeks going on holiday from tomorrow but taking my laptop with me will try and update the forum when I get a chance
  9. 29/9 15:13 OjosMágicos: The Reds' team in full is: Mignolet, Enrique, Sakho, Toure, Skrtel, Henderson, Lucas, Gerrard, Moses, Suarez, Sturridge. Subs: Jones, Agger, Aspas, Ilori, Sterling, Ibe, Wisdom.
  10. 12/8 13:15 OjosMágicos: I added you to it :)
  11. 11/8 20:54 maria.5: Hii ! I would like to join to your group on FB !
  12. 9/8 21:21 OjosMágicos: Great news he deserves it so happy he is vice captain :D
  13. 9/8 18:05 maria.5: Daniel Agger the new vice-captain !!! :D :wub:
  14. 18/3 21:34 OjosMágicos: Happy 27th Birthday Sofie :wub:
  15. 13/3 23:54 OjosMágicos: Welcome back :)
  16. 13/3 23:30 Munthepecas: hello :)\
  17. 8/2 21:18 OjosMágicos: Hi welcome to the fourm :) please read here http://danielagger5.forumfree.it/?t=39109201
  18. 8/2 19:14 anavoe: what else do I have to do to complete my registration?
  19. 8/2 19:14 anavoe: Hi! Im new here :D
  20. 23/1 23:55 OjosMágicos: Followers of @LFCIndia can chat live with #LFC star Daniel Agger on Twitter on Thursday at 9.45am (UK time). Follow @LFCIndia and #askagger
  21. 12/12 17:12 OjosMágicos: Happy 28th birthday to our Danish Viking Daniel Agger :wub:
  22. 1/12 17:12 OjosMágicos: Daniel scored his first goal of the season today :D
  23. 24/11 11:30 OjosMágicos: Congratulations to Sofie and Daniel on the birth of their 2nd son Mason :wub:
  24. 19/11 16:28 OjosMágicos: Daniel and Sofie are expecting another boy :wub: Congrats to them :D
  25. 12/11 20:51 OjosMágicos: Daniel Agger wins Danish Footballer of the year award 2012! :D
  26. 24/10 20:39 OjosMágicos: Daniel Agger has made a twitter to promote his foundation http://twitter.com/DanielAgger
  27. 6/10 16:40 OjosMágicos: It runs out in summer 2016
  28. 6/10 16:31 OjosMágicos: I am not sure I think its five more years on his current contract don't know how much money he will earn now
  29. 6/10 2:10 Aggerswagger: do you know the terms of the contract? How long and how much?
  30. 5/10 17:02 OjosMágicos: Daniel Agger signs new Liverpool contract :D http://danielagger5.forumfree.it/?t=63426229
  31. 4/10 17:21 OjosMágicos: He is wants to play even in pain. Danes are strong :lol:
  32. 4/10 0:55 Aggerswagger: yeah I watched that interview. Agger is a gladiator in every sense. What a man :bow:
  33. 3/10 16:51 OjosMágicos: "He's a real warrior. I am very fortunate here that I have got a group that has that real warrior mentality and he is one of those guys."
  34. 3/10 16:50 OjosMágicos: "I came into the club and looked closely at his injury record. He's a player who needs managing. He's a good guy and has worked well this week and will be available for the next couple of games.
  35. 3/10 16:50 OjosMágicos: of pain in there," explained the manager. "He played in the game down at Norwich and did very, very well. He's recovered well now and it's just a management process with Daniel
  36. 3/10 16:49 OjosMágicos: Rodgers was also keen to pay tribute to the 'warrior mentality' of Daniel Agger after the Dane revealed he is playing with some slight discomfort in his knee after picking up an injury against Manchester United recently. "He didn't train all last week - he's got a little bit of
  37. 30/9 12:36 OjosMágicos: He did he looked fit it was a great performance by the whole team good win and finally we can move up the table hopefully we will have a good run now and Luis keeps banging in the goals Sahin looks like a good player :) the young lads have been doing alright
  38. 30/9 0:53 Aggerswagger: He played great today. didn't seem to have any problems with his knee. He had one of his trademark run in the first half and sent a beautiful through ball to Luis, sadly he missed the one on one. But we scored right away from the goal kick :)
  39. 28/9 17:10 OjosMágicos: Same here I would rather he didn't get rushed back then got injured again for even longer. He did it wasn't as worse as we all feared didn't expect him to recover so quickly shame about Kelly :(
  40. 28/9 9:04 Aggerswagger: I hope BR gives both Agger and Borini another week to recuperate. It's amazing that Daniel isn't seriously injured. He looked badly in pain when he was stretched off.
  41. 26/9 17:11 OjosMágicos: Agger and Borini will continue to undergo treatment at Melwood but both are making good progress following the injuries they sustained against United. Danish centre-back Agger, who bruised the bone in his left knee, could be back for Saturday’s game at Norwich.
  42. 24/9 16:59 OjosMágicos: Daniel Agger, who was stretchered off the pitch 13 minutes before Kelly limped out of action, has suffered a significant bone bruise to the left knee. No ligament damage was sustained but further tests will be carried out before it can be established when he will be able to return to training.
  43. 7/9 17:06 OjosMágicos: I saw his goals looks a good talent :)
  44. 7/9 4:02 Aggerswagger: I'm so excited for Samed Yesil.....I watched the U-19 game between England and Germany, this kid can play. He is as good, if not better than Sterling at this age. Ze Germans won 3-1 and he scored two and assisted one.
  45. 4/9 16:41 OjosMágicos: I did it was pointless letting Andy go if Suarez gets injured they are fucked
  46. 4/9 5:40 Aggerswagger: Did you read Henry's open letter to the fans?? Load of BS!!! If Rodgers knew we wouldn't get a replacement, Andy would've stayed
  47. 2/9 16:40 OjosMágicos: I didn't want him to go out on loan we only have Suarez and Borini today's game just showed that's not enough. They got so much in common those two :)
  48. 2/9 5:52 Aggerswagger: :) I know, I'm pissed we didn't didn't even get a replacement....And I was pretty sure it had to be Martin :)
  49. 1/9 17:44 OjosMágicos: Call me Kat :) I had no doubts he would still be a LFC player I am just gutted and angry about Carroll. I know that his close to Skrtel :)
  50. 1/9 5:55 Aggerswagger: Ojos do you know who Agger's closes mates at Liverpool are??
  51. 1/9 5:35 Aggerswagger: WINDOW CLosed!! Agger remains at Pool


Daniel Agger

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